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Люси Фоли, словарик-6

tumbler - стакан для вина (before he passed out he’d thrown his tumbler at the tele­vision, enjoyed the sound of it shattering the screen)
fly - ширинка у брюк
swept along - увлечь, заинтересовать
undertow - отступающая волна (That the affair – because that’s what it became – swept me along with it, strong as an undertow)
I wouldn't put anything past her - от нее всего можно ожидать (I wouldn’t put that much past her at this point)
gradient - уклон, скат (the gradient is almost too much for my hiking boots)
ominously - зловеще (The stone I’m standing on rocks beneath my weight ominously)
the penny drops - наконец, доходит (Actually, whatever is within, bulging through the clear wrapping, looks a little like sugar: some whitish substance. And then the penny drops)
sleeping rough - спать под открытым небом (He looks like someone who has been sleeping rough)
oblivion - небытие (I think of the oblivion I have contemplated in the past: the pills, the bridge)
dry-stone wall - сухая каменная кладка (I build a mean dry-stone wall)
- ну так, разумеется (Iain doesn’t say anything. But he does give me a look. Duh.)
inch - медленно двигаться (I inch a hand up my body, towards my pocket)
dressing - перевязка (And at my insistence he makes a dressing, ripping a piece of fabric from the bottom of his own shirt, pressing it to Iain’s shoulder beneath the jacket, to stop the bleeding)
beyond the pale - за пределами дозволенного (There seems to be a genuine repugnance about the way he says ‘killed’ – as though it really is something he sees as beyond the pale)
stash - тайник (That was why I moved the stash)
dowdy - неряшливо, безвкусно одетый (Much younger looking, much dowdier looking)
drippy - бесполезный, глупый (How she, Emma, Mark’s drippy little girlfriend, who I’ve only known for three years, came to be my stalker)
see past - смотреть сквозь пальцы (Would they, essentially, see past the brilliance of my academic record, and see the real me (whoever that was)?)
make of - сделать вывод, расценивать (I wondered what they would make of it if I told them my real hobbies)
dreaded - вселяющий ужас, кошмарный, пугающий (When it came to the dreaded interview I got away with it)
rote - механическое запоминание, зубрежка (all borrowed from interviews with various film directors and learned, rote)
blissful - блаженный, счастливый (I nodded, still numb with blissful surprise)
sounding board - тестовый слушатель; наперсник; звукоотражатель (She was happy to have a mirror, a sounding board)
chat up - флиртовать, приударять (but spent most of the evening trying to chat her up)
discrepancy - несответствие, противоречие (To notice any discrepancy, or lack)
mood board - доска настроений (My Best Friend To Be. My inspiration, my living mood board)
double take - удивленный повторный взгляд (And then she’d stop and do a double take when she saw me)
conspic­uously - ясно, заметно, очевидно (Her clothes almost conspic­uously unfashionable)
lank - жидкий, тонкий (awkward, lank-haired Katie)
allure - привлекательность, обаяние, шарм (absorbing some of her allure)
poking out - торчать откуда-то (a hairband poking out of the top of the bag she left on a café table while she went to the loo)
divey bar - дешевый бар (
have a thing for - быть без ума
drugs bust - операция по изъятию наркотиков (A murder and a drugs bust, all from the same serene almost-wilderness)
in limbo - состояние погруженности в себя (Both of us, I think, have been living in limbo)
at the drop of a hat - без колебаний, с готовностью и немедленно (No one would offer her best dress to borrow at the drop of a hat)
post-truth - квазиреальность, постправда (But we live in a post-truth world)
lap up - принять с энтузиазмом, попадаться на крючок, заглотнуть наживку (The jury lapped it up)
serve time - отбыть наказание в тюрьме (People like them just don’t serve time)
lithe - грациозный, стройный (though with the lithe yoga instructor at the city gym he used to visit)

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