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Люси Фоли, словарик-5

liberally - щедро, не скупясь
gulp down - проглатывать, жадно глотать
drink oneself into - допиться до (There’s some enforced jollity as Julien carries a bottle of champagne around, pouring liberally, but everyone seems to be gulping it down, hardly tasting it, as though they are trying to drink themselves into the spirit of things)
a fine one to talk - чья бы корова мычала; кто бы говорил (
What has got into me? And, after all, I am a fine one to talk)
perversely - неуклюже, топорно; противоестественно
per se - собственно (
have a go at - наезжать, докапываться (
To her credit, Emma barely seems to notice when Miranda has a go at her)
put up with - мириться, терпеть (
dysfunc­tional family - неблагополучная семья
long for - ужасно хотеть
top up - доливать (She keeps insisting on getting up and topping up glasses)
off-the-shoulder - с открытыми плечами
shimmer - мерцание, слабый отблеск (can’t match Miranda’s glamour, but her off-the-shoulder gunmetal dress has a bit of a shimmer to it)
if anything - даже наоборот (He makes a kind of gagging sound, but she doesn’t relent. If anything, I think I see her give the base a further thrust with one manicured hand)
egg on - подначивать, подзадоривать
stand to attention - стоять по стойке смирно
cut in - вмешиваться (‘Yes,’ Nick cuts in. ‘Miranda – she might freeze to death.’)
shit-hot - офигенный, чертовски хороший (I’m a shit-hot lawyer, in fact – I never let the other side win)
shaking dice - встряхивать игральные кости
strolling around - гулять (Giles, meanwhile, is strolling around the room, drinking straight from an open bottle of champagne)
blearily - сонно, мутным взглядом (
off the cuff - с налета, наобум, не думая (You say things off the cuff)
berth - пространство для маневра (There’s Heather, in the office, but she gives him a wide berth)
clean slate -  чистый лист, незапятнанная репутация (‘The boss,’ said the suit who interviewed him, ‘doesn’t mind about all that. He wants you to feel you have a clean slate here.’)
small hours - первые часы после полуночи; предрассветные часы
pugnacious - драчливый, сварливый (There was a pugnacious twist to his face)
square up - устанавливать точно под прямым углом (The man’s face, beer-stale, was squared up to his own)
lure - приманка, соблазн
lose it - потерять контроль (That was when he had lost it properly, according to the eyewitnesses)
get a rise out of - провоцировать, раздразнить, разозлить (From what he says, that man was trying to get a rise out of him, pushing all his buttons)
in spite of - наперекор

to be drawn to - иметь влечение, испытывать интерес (You are drawn to this man, in spite of yourself – therefore you are trying to excuse the inexcusable)
getting your knickers in such a twist - нервничать, расстраиваться (I don’t know why you’re getting your knickers in such a twist. It happened a million fucking years ago)
have a thing about - помешаться, боготворить, зациклиться
wire wool - проволочная мочалка (для чистки кастрюль) (like my insides and my throat have been scoured with wire wool)
steel oneself - закаляться, ожесточаться, приучать себя, собраться с духом (The cold hits me like a slap. I steel myself against it.)
berate - ругать, бранить, обвинять (
prank - разыграть (I almost expect them to both suddenly crack grins and congratulate themselves on pranking me, as they did at the surprise party for my thirtieth birthday)
slave away - надрываться, вкалывать, впахивать (The case was over, I was going home – except that nothing was waiting for me there beyond a fridge with some curdled milk in it, if I was lucky, and a prime but utterly uninspiring view of the very square mile I slaved away in daily)
relish - наслаждаться (late at night, or early morning, times when I doubt Miranda would have relished a phone call)
crawl - мурашки по телу (The thought of going back there suddenly made my skin crawl)
spirits - крепкие напитки (I never drink whisky. I hardly ever drink spirits, to be honest)
second-guessing - домысливание (For once, I didn’t find myself second-guessing, assuming he was asking out of politeness)
come on to - заигрывать, приставать (The last night. She came on to me)
utter failure - полный провал (I felt like an utter failure, a disappointment)
sentence - приговор, наказание (Do people still get lighter sentences for crimes of passion?)
screw over - одурачить
sodding - долбаный, хренов, чертов (I’ll log on to your precious bloody Wi-Fi and send a sodding email right now)
have one up on - иметь преимущество, превосходить (About, for once, having one up on her?)
assignation - тайная встреча, любовное свидание (not with an assignation in mind)

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