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Люси Фоли, словарик-4

mincing walk - походка маленькими шажками
be up to no good - замышлять что-то нехорошее  (
He had the hunched shoulders, the stiff, mincing walk, of someone who had been up to no good)
skittish - норовистый, упрямый, игривый, живой (Both of the dogs are skittish, excited, this evening)
snapping - щелканье, треск
tearing - разрывание

at a greater pace - на высокой скорости, очень быстро (No answer, but the unmistakable noise of snapping and tearing continues, at a greater pace)
for a song - даром
drew - тянуть, притягивать (What drew you to him?)
probing - глубокий, тщательный (that will undoubtedly follow, the deeper, more probing enquiries)
hold out for - стремиться к ч.л. (There are people who hold out for love)
ill-advised - опрометчивый, неразумный, неуместный (Not a couple of ill-advised slaps for being naughty)
concealer - тональный крем, маскирующий карандаш (his mother put concealer on him to go into school, to cover the bruising around his eye)
pummel - колотить (Mark was small for his age, and used to get pummelled on the rugby pitch)
throw one's weight around - пальцы гнуть, куражиться (Mark has inherited something of his dad’s temper. He throws his weight around)
drown out - заглушить (
pick up the pace - ускорять темп ( I carry on on my way, picking up the pace for the second half of the lap as I always do when I run)
compelling - захватывающий, неотразимый (There is something horrifyingly compelling about the sight.)
gory - кровавый (The fish is slick with it, made suddenly gory)
stilted - натянутый, неестественный (the conver­sation around the table stilted)
fry-up - полный английский завтрак (бекон, яичница, кофе-чай)
listlessly - равнодушно, без интереса (
smart - испытывать резку, жгучую боль (That Third was an insult. It smarted)
odd one out - лишний, крайний (If you look at all of us, now, she’s the odd one out)
have a crack - попытаться сделать (Miranda herself had had a crack at getting into the publishing industry)
cattiness - язвительность
get away with - безнаказанно ускользать (Even for Miranda – who miraculously often manages to get away with such comments – this is a cattiness too far)
noncommittal - уклончивый (Mark makes a noncommittal noise at the back of his throat)
state-of-the-art - ультрасовременный
keypad - кнопочная панель, консоль (Doug opens the barn for us with a state-of-the-art keypad)
kit up - снаряжать, экипировать (
He kits us up in the barn: over-trousers and jackets, even walking boots for Katie, who has failed to bring anything remotely sensible)
hind - оленуха, самка оленя
grovel - унижаться, пресмыкаться (I’m not going to grovel for her to pay me attention)
beacon - сигнальный огонь, маяк, фонарь (It must have been seen for miles around – like the beacons they lit for the millennium up and down the country)
target practice - учебная стрельба
crack shot - снайпер, меткий стрелок
come out - публично заявить о своей сексуальной ориентации (When Nick came out to a few of us, in our first year at Oxford, he hadn’t yet told his parents, who were then serving an ambassadorship in Oman)
kept one's nose to the grindstone - работать не покладая рук
be sanguine about - быть спокойным, относиться оптимистично (Funny, I don’t remember Samira being quite so sanguine in the past about things)
crept in - закрадываться (But something else crept in too)
buck fever - охотничья лихорадка (The ‘buck fever’ felt by all novice hunters before their first trophy)
yearn for - жаждать, стремиться (And yet they don’t even know what it is they’re yearning for)
edgy - раздраженный, нетерпеливый, нервный (
It has made them edgy)
roam - странствовать, бродить ( It could merely have been dropped by a hiker – there’s still a right to roam)
cagoule - водонепроницаемая куртка с капюшоном, ветровка
doe - лань, самка оленя

hobble - прихрамывать (One has got separated from the others, an old doe, with a hobble to her walk)
limp - хромой (You only shoot the old, the limp)
shatter - раздробить (And not too low, or you’ll shatter her leg)
squeeze - нажатие (And squeeze the trigger, remember, gently does it.)
beat - пауза, мгновение
misfire - дать осечку, не удаваться (There is a beat, as always, when it seems that the bullet  must have misfired, or disappeared completely)
bellow - рев, вопль, мычание (животного) (A bellow, the sound as much like rage as pain)
gingerly - осторожно, с опаской (Thank you,’ I say, taking it from him gingerly)
exonerate - оправдывать, восстановить репутацию (I want him to be exonerated)
bias - предубеждение, необъективность (I discard the Daily Mail, click on the BBC News link, which should give me an account without bias or sensationalism)
draw back - брать назад, возвращаться (

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