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Люси Фоли, словарик-3

rag - листок, газета (I read that in an article online, in the local rag)
perpetrator - виновный (the police were looking for the perpetrator)
chav - гопота, быдло
load - горстка
blaze - сиять, полыхать (he can see light blazing from the Lodge)
encroach upon - вторгаться в (like an animal whose territory has been encroached upon)
thump out - выстукивать (мелодию) (the music thumping out)
conjure - показывать фокусы, колдовать
thin air - лит. ничто, пустота (his brain seems to conjure a fair amount from thin air these days)
bin liner - мешок для мусора (as she piled her things haphazardly into bin liners)
catch a glimpse - заметить (мимоходом, краем глаза) (caught a glimpse of his appearance in a mirror )
margins of society - задворки общества
prerequisite - необходимое условие, обязательная необходимость (This is probably the only professionin which looking the way he does, the unbrushed hair and battered old clothes, might actually be considered a kind of prerequisite)
slough off - отбрасывать, избавляться (few months of training with the Marines quickly sloughed off any softness)
qualms - сомнение, колебание (He has no qualms about taking a little back - о мелком воровстве)
blithe - беспечный, легкомысленный (She doesn’t move around in a cloud of blithe obliviousness)
take the edge off - ослабить, снять напряжение (Perhaps this will take the edge off things)
faint - слабый, едва заметный
facetiousness - шутливость (There’s a faint but definite note of facetiousness to his tone)
get ahead of - опережать события, забегать вперед
levity - легкомысленность, неуместная веселость (His tone has lost all of its former levity)
burr - картавость (заднеязычное произношение звука [r] на севере Англии) (Her accent isn’t local, either: a light Edinburgh burr)
stagger - идти пошатываясь (I staggered to the loo)
blessing in disguise - нет худа без добра; что ни делается, все к лучшему (I mean, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise, to be honest)
rite of passage - обряд посвящения, обряд инициации (I don’t know, suddenly it’s a rite of passage)
understatement - разг. мягко сказано (This is an understatement – which I’m sure is his point)
uninhibited - раскованный, необузданный (And then they would descend into lesser versions of themselves – hysterical, uninhibited, huge-pupilled)
uptight - скованный (I felt uptight, boring)
glare - свирепый, цепкий взгляд (I could see how unimpressed Nick was by this addition to the evening in his glare when Miranda proffered the bag to him)
shrug off - игнорировать, отмахиваться (but then she’s always given a good impression of shrugging off things)
long for - страстно желать, тосковать (I have always longed for that lack of inhibition)
self-consciousness - застенчивость, смущение (It’s more an ability to shake off your own self-consciousness)
blag way into - хитростью проникать (I remember our teenage years, blagging our way into nightclubs)
In hindsight - оглядываясь назад
turn the stomach - вызывать отвращение, тошнить (In hindsight, when I think about the looks men would give her, the comments they made to her, it turns the stomach)
whim - прихоть, блажь, фантазия (Depending on her whim)
be in one's element - быть в своей стихии, в своей тарелке (Mark is in his element, leaning into the grooves of her body as they dance)
ramshackle - ветхий, полуразвалившийся (the huge, ramshackle townhouse where he lived with eight other rugby lads)
stand-offish - высокомерный, неприветливый (a couple of Julien’s friends had tried, half-heartedly, to flirt, but I’d been cold and stand-offish with them)
elope - устроить побег (It was all quite typically Miranda, the wedding. She wanted to do something tiny, she claimed, different. She wanted to elope!)
spindly - тонкий и длинный (Those spindly gold chairs you only ever see at weddings)
tiered - расположенный ярусами (And then, the cherry on the tiered, sugar-flowered cake: the couple’s dance)
shrink into oneself - уйти в себя (Julien, who up until then looked very much the part of the dashing, handsome groom, had shrunk into himself)
sullen - замкнутый, сердитый, печальный, мрачный (she’s always been a bit quiet, but never such a sullen)
NHS - национальная система здравоохранения (National Healthy System)
IVF - ЭКО (in vitro fertilization) (Two years is enough for the NHS to offer you IVF, isn’t it?)
lofty - Who is always ready to step in and offer advice when needed, from her lofty position
grow apart - отдаляться друг от друга
grow out - избавляться с возрастом, перерастать (I know that friends grow apart, grow out of enjoying each other’s company)
winnowing - отсеивать, удалять (After uni you spend the next few years winnowing those remaining friends down)
high - состояние эйфории (Everyone is suddenly pretty high)
straddling - сидеть верхом (Julien is half straddling me, and through the fuzz in my head I think how curiously intimate it feels)
topple - опрокидываться, падать (Emma topples and puts herself out of the game)
intangible - неосязаемое
strained - напряженный (It’s not lines – I’ve made sure there are as few of those as possible – it’s something intangible, something strained and   tired about my face)
feel off - чувствовать себя не в своей тарелке, плохо (I forgot how after the hilarity and the ease it can quickly make me feel so off)
high powered - влиятельный, мощный, авторитетный (
People expected you to be ‘Miranda Adams: insert space for something high powered’)
book deal - контракт на написание книги
has-been - вышедший в тираж
stung (sting) - почувствовать острую боль, быть уязвленным (Perhaps it comes out as sharply as I meant it: she looks stung)
blissed out - на седьмом небе от счастья, на верху блаженства
beam - улыбаться лучезарной улыбкой (The effects of the pill have completely worn off for me, and I look enviously at the others, blissed out, beaming at each other)
embarrass oneself - позориться (I’d half meant it as an invitation to walk me back to the cabin, but I’m not going to embarrass myself in front of the others by making that clear now)
stain - пятно, подтек

baggy - мешковатый (showing me the stains on her baggy old T-shirt)
stir - кутерьма, суматоха, движуха (I loved what a stir we’d cause going into a pub or bar together)
bustle - суматоха, суета, беготня, возня, шум
long for - тосковать, скучать (I long for the noise and lights and bustle of the city)
start - вздрогнуть (I see him start at the sound of my voice)
creep - идти крадучись (He was creeping around the edge of the loch)
catch oneself - спохватиться (At least it shows he cares, I think, then I catch myself)
flinch - вздрагивать (I see him flinch)
throw one's weight around - пальцы гнуть, выпендриваться
benefit of the doubt - презумпция невиновности, кредит доверия
oblit­erate - вычеркнуть, стереть
last ditch - последний рубеж; отчаянный
misgivings - опасения, предчувствия дурного (But I decided to overlook my misgivings)
entice - выманить, завлечь (You have to have a bit of a body of work to entice others)
quote - расценки (Should I send him a quote?)
loose change - мелочь (He has absolutely pots of money, so this is just like loose change to him)
bullshit­ting - гнать порожняк, пустая болтовня (‘Julien,’ I said, sharply, so he knew there was no bullshit­ting me, ‘this money is in my account)
serve time - мотать срок (Only the other week I had been reading about Ray Yorke, a partner at one of the big investment banks who was serving time for trading secrets with his golf buddy)
hand - карточная комбинация, карты на руках игрока

gambler - игрок, картежник (You’re like a gambler, always in for one more hand)
cringing - раболепие, низкопоклонство

hand-wringing - причитания, стенания
call off - откладывать, прекращать (he called off the cringing, hand-wringing mea culpa)
screwed - обманутый; тот, кого поимели (

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